Kristine C. Alessio


"Having had the privilege of working with Kristine for the last 2 years, I have seen her deep commitment for the City of La Mesa and its residents.  Her many years on the City’s Planning Commission, her four years on City Council, and her many unseen activities are a small indication of her passion for service.   It is no wonder that she has the complete support of the city council , she knows our city and listens to our residents as they share their goals for the City's future."

            Guy McWhirter, Vice Mayor, City of La Mesa

Your voice in la mesa

Councilwoman Kristine C. Alessio with her daughter, Emily.

"Kristine Alessio is a strong leader.  Her long history of dedicated service to La Mesa gives her an unmatched perspective of the city’s strengths and needs.  As La Mesa’s representative to SANDAG, Ms. Alessio is a powerful and persuasive voice for the city.  La Mesa and the city council will continue to move in a positive direction with Councilwoman Alessio."
          Dr. A,  La Mesa Mayor Mark Arapostathis

My name is Kristine Alessio and I'm proud to be your voice and representative on the La Mesa City Council for the past four years. I am committed to you, the residents of La Mesa, to maintain our City's character and continue to keep La Mesa the "Jewel of the Hills".

Like you,  it is important to me to play an active role in making my community a safer, better place live, to do business, to raise my daughter, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 

When running for office in 2012, these were my priorities and goals: 

Maintaining La Mesa's fiscal health and keeping public safety a top priority, transparency in government, ensuring La Mesa retains a family-friendly character with safe neighborhoods and maintenance of programs for our senior citizens.  

All of them have been achieved, our public safety personnel now are paid competitively ensuring a stable police and fire force, we've instituted the Opengov system so residents can easily access the City's financial information, we've increased our budget reserves and we've paid down our unfunded pension liability, and our Adult Enrichment center is thriving.  Whether there has been a problem with group homes, with code enforcement issues, I have worked for you to resolve it and will continue to do so when re-elected.  

Your concerns are my concerns, I am your neighbor.

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families and our City. 

I am proud to have the support of not only you, but our Supervisor, Dianne Jacob and the entire City Council, Dr. Mark Arapostathis, Mayor, Guy Mc Whirter, Vice-Mayor, Ruth Sterling, Councilmember and Bill Baber, Councilmember for my re-election as well as the endorsement of the La Mesa Police Officers Association and the Heartland Firefighters of La Mesa!